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setting sail with sistership small groups

we are

SisterShip Small Groups is a vibrant community dedicated to combating loneliness in our digital era. We foster deep, real friendships, proving that human connection goes beyond the screen. Together, we're making sure no woman feels alone in this cyber-focused world.

we're here

At SisterShip Small Groups, we're anchored in purpose. Just as a lighthouse stands as a beacon for ships, our purpose at SisterShip Small Groups is to provide a guiding light for women searching for a supportive harbor to anchor their lives.

you do

It's simple: Build lasting friendships through genuine conversations and shared adventures. Here, you're never just a passenger - you're an essential member of our crew. We're handing YOU the wheel. This is your chance to rally a crew of dynamic women for your very own 'SisterShip’. 

we support you

Guided by our 8 truths, Connection, Authenticity, Grit, Grace, Empathy, Respect, Trust & Support; SisterShip Small Groups  simplifies building meaningful relationships. Our navigational tools empower your crew to unite, connect, and support each other on life's voyage.

navigation deck

dive in to discover more about sistership small groups

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