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our story
every voyage is a call to adventure; those who answer this call are rewarded with a relentless determination to expand their horizons and the liberating freedom to write their own story.  this is our story...

In 2020, the pandemic hit the world like a fierce storm, leaving fear, anxiety, and division in its wake. Social distancing measures isolated many people, and online communities lacked the authenticity needed to weather the storm together. Sadly, what should have been a time characterized by empathy and understanding, women were subjected to intense social pressures through these platforms.

From perfect pantries to juggling side hustles while effortlessly sporting designer yoga pants, an unattainable standard of perfection was thrust upon us. For me, it felt like being stranded on a deserted island, waiting for a rescue ship to sail me away from this so-called "new normal". After some soul-searching, I realized I wasn't alone in feeling this way. Guided by truth and anchored in purpose, I set out to design a ship capable of rescuing women from their isolation. Along the way, I found an incredible crew of new sisters, all unwavering in their dedication to fostering connection. Together, we built SisterShip Small Groups.

SisterShip Small Groups is the long-awaited lifeboat we, as women, have been searching for. Drawing inspiration from the majestic four-masted ships that gracefully sailed vast oceans, SisterShip stands tall with four sturdy pillars of its own. These pillars form a unique structure that surpasses shallow online interactions, allowing us to embark on a profound journey of deeper connections.


A ship like this needs a crew, and if you're up for a little adventure, I hope you'll join us on this voyage. Together, we're constructing a fleet committed to providing a safe, supportive harbor where all women can come together, establishing genuine relationships. Here, she can feel that liberating freedom to write her own story, be herself, and never feel alone again.

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Ahoy! I'm Kat Hope Jones, and I'd like to share my story with you. Growing up in a blended family alongside seven sisters and two brothers, our summers were filled with endless fun aboard our dad's old wooden boat. Despite his plans to restore it, we couldn't resist its charm. Those carefree days taught us a valuable lesson - that family extends beyond mere blood ties. Similar to a tightly-knit crew, genuine relationships built on trust and reliability are vital to navigate life's challenges, especially when storms loom on the horizon.

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our values

guided by truth

Our voyage at SisterShip Small Groups is guided by truth, symbolized by the eight sturdy spokes of our helm. Each spoke represents a core value that steers us on our course:

  1. Connection: Uniting hearts and fostering meaningful bonds.

  2. Authenticity: Embracing and celebrating our genuine selves.

  3. Grit: Navigating through challenges with unwavering determination.

  4. Grace: Sailing through life's waters with kindness and elegance.

  5. Empathy: Understanding and supporting each other's voyage.

  6. Respect: Valuing the unique perspectives of every SisterShip member.

  7. Trust: Cultivating a foundation of reliability and loyalty.

  8. Support: Extending a helping hand, providing strength when needed.


anchored in purpose

Our purpose is simple: to create a vibrant real-life community where women can embrace their true selves and forge deep, meaningful friendships. 


We accomplish this by:

  1. Establishing an inclusive community

  2. Facilitating real life connections

  3. Simplifying relationship building

  4. Empowering women to lead

our crew
sistership 101

the problem

The pandemic hit the world like a fierce storm, leaving in its wake widespread fear, anxiety, and division among communities and families. With social distancing measures in place, many felt isolated, and while some turned to social media for connection, online communities lacked the authenticity needed to weather the storm together. Sadly, what should have been a time characterized by empathy and understanding, women were subjected to intense social pressures through these platforms. As a result, women were driven deeper into isolation, longing for meaningful connections.

the solution

Sistership Small Groups is the lifeboat we, as women, have been waiting for. We genuinely understand the struggles that are all too common in our lives: the feeling of isolation, the difficulty of forging authentic friendships, and the pressure of trying to live up to those perfect lives we see on social media. In response to these challenges, we've formulated a strategy. Deploying our unique four-step approach, we're tackling these issues head-on, aiming to bridge the disconnect between online interactions and genuine, meaningful connections

1. establish an inclusive community

  • SisterShip Small Groups cultivated a culture celebrating women's diverse journeys. Guided by our 8 truths: Connection, Authenticity, Grit, Grace, Empathy, Respect, Trust, and Support, we welcome women as they are - no filter necessary.


  • SisterShip Small Groups breaks free from societal norms. While other groups may stick to like-minded individuals, we wholeheartedly believe that our horizons expand when we welcome diverse perspectives. By embracing women from different walks of life, cultures, and experiences, we create a vibrant tapestry of voices that enlightens and enriches our collective journey.

2. facilitate real-life connections

  • In our fast-paced lives, finding time to connect and make new friends can be challenging. That's why we take care of the planning and offer diverse gatherings, so you can focus on the joy of connecting and building meaningful friendships.

  • Your time is precious to us. Unlike other social gatherings that may feel shallow, SisterShip Small Groups goes above and beyond to make every moment meaningful. Whether we gather as a large fleet or in a cozy harbor meetup, we cultivate an authentic atmosphere where women can openly share, connect, and form deep bonds.

3. simplify relationship building

At SisterShip Small Groups, we know that lasting connections require meaningful conversations and shared experiences. That's why our navigational tools eliminate the guesswork, making it easier to facilitate both.

  • Message In a Bottle: Our monthly correspondence from the Lighthouse to our SisterShips includes a letter introducing a unique topic to kickstart conversations. It also includes four discussion questions carefully crafted to keep the dialogue flowing

  • Adventure Guide Book: Our guidebook is filled with instructions for 80 activities you can enjoy with your crew, creating cherished memories. While optional, we encourage our SisterShips to embrace the challenge of getting out there and having fun together in the real world.

4. empower women to lead

  • SisterShip Small Groups draws inspiration from the dynamic teamwork of sailing crews, embracing collaborative leadership. Unlike traditional hierarchies, we understand that each member brings a unique set of strengths and abilities, vital for navigating our collective voyage successfully.

  • With SisterShip Small Groups, it's not about joining our voyage; we're here to join you on your personal journey. We firmly believe in empowering you to take the lead. This is your moment to gather a crew of dynamic women and embark on your very own 'SisterShip' adventure. Take the helm, chart your course, and foster a supportive community that sails together towards growth, fulfillment, and meaningful connections.


What are SisterShip Small Groups?

A vibrant real-life community where women can embrace their true selves and forge deep, meaningful friendships. 

Are there Membership Fees?

No way!  At SisterShip, you'll never pay for friends.


How is SisterShip Small Groups Funded?

SisterShip is fully-funded by free-will donations (Non Tax Deductible) and Merchandise Sales.  Fleet Meets and other events are funded via admission cost.


What do we do at our SisterShip meetups?

Whatever floats your boat! Some groups meet in coffee shops, while others meet at happy hour.  We provide a monthly "message in a bottle" with discussion questions designed to get the conversational sparks going. If you’re not feeling the letter or have something else you’d like to discuss-go for it! This is your group, you could craft, paint, get pedicures, or snack on a charcuterie board or any thing you set your mind to.


What is a Fleet Meet?

Fleet Meets are our quarterly large group meetings where all of our SisterShip Small Groups come together.


What are the SisterShip Adventure Challenges?

SisterShip Adventures are activities that align with our eight Sistership truths. While they are optional, they are an excellent way to build camaraderie while having a fun time with your crew!  Read more about them here: SisterShip Adventures


What are the Sistership Truths?

Our Truths: connection, authenticity, grit, grace, empathy, respect, trust and support are the elements that make up the SisterShip Code.  We believe it's secret sauce to any meaningful life long friendship.


Why do you need my email?

You’ll receive email updates with information about our quarterly Fleet Meets and other Sistership-related news. We will never sell your information to anyone.


Where can I find updates?

Feel free to check the website, your email or follow our socials to stay up to date on all things SisterShip Small Groups!

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